First Update!

First update released!

- Changed color space from Gamma to Linear (should look more realistic)

- Added brightness slider (for all of you with problems with darkness! finally)

- Partially fixed shadow and light flickering on highest graphics settings (sometimes lights still may flick, but in areas where a lot of lights; or on lower graphics settings)

- Enabled post-processing effects, they weren't turned on :)

- Changed materials of roads, less visual artifacts with strange reflections on them

- Blocked way in second part of game, now it's harder to become frustated by going in wrong direction

- Increased fog (because lighting overall became a lot brighter)

Hope your experience will be better now, really interested in feedback about new lighting, think it's better now, but could be not, comment if you want!


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Jun 12, 2022
Failed Delivery 0.2 180 MB
Jun 12, 2022

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